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YoBoHo is the world’s #1 digital-first content producer for kids, and home to the massively popular Hooplakidz brand.

We’re passionate about creating characters and original content that inspire as kids learn, explore, and grow.

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An entirely new digital age for education, fascination, and inspiration. The Hooplakidz network consists of thirty plus channels and characters tailored to kids as they grow. We create content that excites, captivates, and engages.

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About YoBoHo

YoBoHo is a leading digital media company that specializes in creating original content globally for kids on a plethora of digital platforms. But we don’t just create and license content, we believe in creating pathways for kids to learn as they grow; and this belief is at the core of every character we dream up and every episode we produce.

In addition to our focus on kids, we also create content and manage channels geared towards the Lifestyle and Entertainment verticals. Together, our content reaches over three billion views per year of which Hooplakidz represents two billion, making the brand the furthest reaching producer of original digital content for kids in the world.

YoBoHo is now part of BroadbandTV (BBTV), which puts the Hooplakidz brand alongside the company’s key media brands: TGN, the most engaged gaming network on YouTube; Opposition, the largest hip-hop music network; and popular female lifestyle brand, Kandesa. Representing over channels, 10.5 million video assets and over billion monthly views, BBTV operates one of the world’s largest entertainment networks on YouTube.

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